About Us

Owner Ashley Bandy has over 15 years of cleaning experience in private homes, estates and commercial buildings across Atlanta. The name Crown Me Clean was derived from Ashley’s love of Beauty Pageants. A former pageant contestant herself, she began cleaning homes as a pre-teen to raise money to compete in pageants and after school activities. Driven, motivated and determined to work hard, Ashley was never afraid of getting her hands dirty or tackling a major project. This combination marked the beginning of Ashley’s entrepreneurial path.


With our industry-leading cleaning standards, we are committed to keeping you safe and healthy.

Ashley became concerned with her exposure to the harmful chemicals and the impact they have on the environment. She worried about the dangers of daily exposure to chemicals and began researching better alternatives to clean safer. Ashley’s first step was back to the basics approach. Her commitment to eliminateexposure to dangerous chemicals was a main concern in starting a cleaning service.

“Crown Me Clean will never compromise health and safety and for that reason we are learning every day” says Ms. Bandy “We raise our standards daily”. In 2011, Ashley was recognized by Ecover Cleaning Products as one of 30 Most Sustainable People under the age of 30.

“The Queen of Clean”

Ashley is a cleaning perfectionist with tons of energy and called by many “The Queen of Clean” In addition to Crown Me Clean, she is involved in her community as a frequent guest speaker at local schools and volunteers for many youth programs and organizations. Ms. Bandy is well respected in the pageant world and can be seen on judging panels across the United States. Ashley is a certified judge for the Miss Georgia Scholarship Pageant and is accredited with the Miss America Organization. “In my spare time I love to cook, entertain family and friends, socialize, shop and travel”